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Pope Paul VI


Key Facts
Other names Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini
Born 1897
Location Concesio, Italy
Married No
Children Unknown
Position Pope (1963-1978)
Died August 6, 1978 (aged 80)







Source of Facts and Important Announcement
Status Under Article 64.6 of the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) by Special Qualification shall be known as a Saint, with all sins and evil acts they performed forgiven.
Date of formal Beatification Day of Redemption GAIA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 also known as [Fri, 21 Dec 2012].
Source of Facts Self Confession and Revelation of Sainthood by the Deceased Spirit as condition of their confirmation as a true Saint.
Source of Facts Self Confession and Revelation of Sainthood by the Deceased Spirit as condition of their confirmation as a true Saint.



Giovanni Montini was born in Concesio, in the province of Brescia, Lombardy, into a family of local nobility on his maternal line. He entered the seminary to train to become a Roman Catholic priest in 1916, and was ordained priest in 1920

Montini took the solemn oath against Modernism before an open tabernacle initiated by Pope St. Pius X. He studied at the Gregorian University, the University of Rome and the Accademia dei Nobili Ecclesiastici. His organisational skills led him to a career in the Roman Curia, the papal civil service. In 1937, he was named Substitute for Ordinary Affairs under Cardinal Pacelli, the Secretary of State under Pope Pius XI.

When Pacelli was elected Pope Pius XII, Montini was confirmed as deputy to the Secretary of State. When in 1944 the Secretary of State died, the role was assumed directly by the Pope, with Montini working directly under him.

Montini was appointed in 1954, to the senior Italian church post of Archbishop of Milan. Traditionally such an appointment would be followed by being made a cardinal at the next consistory (when vacancies in the College of Cardinals are filled). To the surprise of many, Montini never received the red hat (as the appointment to the cardinalate is often called) before Pope Pius's death in 1958.

On June 24, 1967, Pope Paul VI published the Papal Bull Sacerdotalis Caelibatus (Latin for "Of the celibate priesthood") reconfirming the Vatican edicts concerning priests being forbidden to marry.

Pope Paul VI published a second Papal Bull encyclical Humanæ Vitæ (Of Human Life, subtitled On the Regulation of Birth), published on July 25, 1968. In this encyclical he reaffirmed the Catholic Church's traditional condemnation of artificial birth control.

Pope Paul VI died on August 6, 1978. He was succeeded by Pope John Paul I, who in turn was murdered only thirty days after being elected.

Most Evil Crimes

List of most evil crimes Type Year Crime Of obtaining property by deception (1933 to present) That the Roman Catholic Church of Germany has received and continues to receive payments by the taxpayers of Germany equating to a church tax consistent with the terms of a Concordant signed by Adolf Hitler and Pope Pius XI immediately upon Hitler gaining control of Germany. That the historic claim of these taxes date back to Aristocratic tributes to Rome in light of the loss of the Papal States under Napoleon in the 19th Century. That these payments to the Vatican have remained intact and have consistently been paid since 1933 before Word War II, during World War II, during the split of Germany and Communism and now under the unification of Germany. That these payments constitute the obtaining of property by deception in claiming the Roman Catholic Church to be both an institution of public good and a lawful organisation. The the total property earned by this criminal organization by stealing from the taxpayers of Germany since 1933 is between $20 and $50 Billion (2006 US equivalent dollars). Of massive tax evasion (1962) That the Vatican did refuse in 1962 and has since refused until the present day in paying any taxes upon its massive Italian investments, citing the Lateran Treaty of 1929 between Pope Pius XI and war criminal Mussolini. That as a result of the Vatican’s refusal to pay taxes like all other organisations in the world, the Italian people have been deprived of at least several hundred million dollars in taxable income. Instead, the Vatican maintains its arrogant demands for the Italian taxpayer to continue to subsidize the Vatican through payment as well as security, transport, roads and services in excess of $80 million (US 2006 equivelent dollars) each and every year. This makes the Vatican and the Catholic Church, the largest tax evaders of human history. Of Murder (political assassination): (1963) That President John F. Kennedy was publicly executed in a brutal and callous manner upon the direct orders of Pope Paul VI in order to prevent him from carrying out his plan to end the control of the Catholic over American policy through orders for the disbanding of the CIA as well as usurping the Catholic controlled Federal Reserve Bank by enacting Executive Order 11110 (4 June 1963) thereby injecting into the economy nearly five billion dollars (4.7) in interest-free cash and ending the extortion of the Federal Reserve. That upon the brutal murder of President Kennedy, both sets of orders were rescinded the very next day. That President Kennedy remains the last President to actively attempt to regain the sovereign right of the United States to mint its own currency. He is also the only President to have ever attempted to disband the treacherous CIA since its inception in 1949. That his murder was both a conspiracy of the highest branches of government, relating to the most fundamental rights of Americans to govern their own destiny free from traitors and external influences of corruption and as such also represents a coup d’état from which the American people have never yet regained control. Of publishing false statements and conspiracies (1963 to present): That in order to distract from the simple and unmistakable motives concerning the political assassination of President Kennedy, that both people personally involved in the conspiracy and the Catholic Church has promoted and encouraged the growth of a wide variety of spurious theories, including Russian plots, Mafia paybacks, and a range of other false theories. That these theories have assisted in distracting from the obvious and straight forward motives of the murder for over 40 years. Of Murder (political assassination) in order to evade taxes (1978) That Pope Paul VI did order the kidnap, torture and eventual execution of Italian democratic hero Aldo Moro before his sixth election as Prime Minister in fear of him seeking to finally enforce tighter restrictions upon the Vatican, including forcing reform of its tax-free status. Instead, it installed its candidate and known Mafia don Giulio Andreotti as Prime Minister.