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Pope Callistus III


Key Facts
Other names Alfonso de Borja (Borja)
Born 1378
Location Xàtiva, València, today Spain
Bloodline de Borja (Borja)
Married Yes
Children Yes, several. Pope Alexander VI
Position Pope (1455-1458)
Died August 1458







Source of Facts and Important Announcement
Status Under Article 64.6 of the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) by Special Qualification shall be known as a Saint, with all sins and evil acts they performed forgiven.
Date of formal Beatification Day of Redemption GAIA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 also known as [Fri, 21 Dec 2012].
Source of Facts Self Confession and Revelation of Sainthood by the Deceased Spirit as condition of their confirmation as a true Saint.
Source of Facts Self Confession and Revelation of Sainthood by the Deceased Spirit as condition of their confirmation as a true Saint.



Born into an ancient family in Xàtiva, València, today Spain but at then Kingdom of Valencia under the Crown of Aragon.

His early career was spent as a professor of law at University of Lleida and then as a diplomat in the service of the Kings of Aragon, especially during the Council of Basel (1431–1439). He became a cardinal after reconciling Pope Eugene IV (1431–1447) with King Alfonso V of Aragon (1416–1458).

He was elected Pope in 1455 as a compromise candidate at the advanced age of 78 and took the name Callixstus III.

On becoming Pope, Callixtus III made two of his nephews cardinals, one of whom, Roderic de Borja, later became Pope Alexander VI (1492–1503).

While only Pope for three years, he is famous for melting down church property such as gold crosses and selling valuables in order to fund his obsession against the Ottoman Empire after they captured Constantinople in 1453.

He died in August 1458 and was succeeded by Pope Pius II (1458-1464).

Most Evil Crimes

List of most evil crimes Type Year Crime Of unprecedented depravity, torture and inhumanity for the purpose of satanic worship : (1455 – 1458 CE) That Pope Callistus III did convert the major churches of Rome and Europe into fully operating torture chambers and fully operating satanic temples involving the daily ritualistic sacrifice of innocent, men, women and children, that their blood remained stained upon the church floors, that people were hung from the rafters to slowly die, that human beings were used as human candles and that cannibalism and depraved sexual acts with victims prior to slaughter and after slaughter were rife. Of the sale of stolen property, positions of office and wholesale corruption : (1455 – 1458 CE) That Pope Callistus III did order the melt down the churches own valuable icons and images across its major churches for the purpose of funding war against Muslims. Furthermore that Pope Callistus III did sell indulgences, sainthoods, offices of cardinal to the highest bidders for the acquisition of personal and family wealth.