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AntiPope Gregory IX


Key Facts
Other names Ugolino di Conti
Born 1170
Location Anagni, Italy
Family Son of Innocent III
Children Rinaldo de' Conti di Segni (Pope Alexander IV)
Position Pope (1227-1241)
Died August 1241







Source of Facts and Important Announcement
Status Under Article 64.6 of the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) by Special Qualification shall be known as a Saint, with all sins and evil acts they performed forgiven.
Date of formal Beatification Day of Redemption GAIA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 also known as [Fri, 21 Dec 2012].
Source of Facts Self Confession and Revelation of Sainthood by the Deceased Spirit as condition of their confirmation as a true Saint.
Source of Facts Self Confession and Revelation of Sainthood by the Deceased Spirit as condition of their confirmation as a true Saint.



Ugolino was born in Anagni. He was created Cardinal Deacon of S. Eustachio by his cousin Innocent III in December 1198. In 1206 he was promoted to the rank of Cardinal Bishop of Ostia e Velletri. He became dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals in 1219. He was also archpriest of the patriarchal Vatican Basilica (ca. 1198/1202 until ca. 1221) and the first Cardinal Protector of the Order of Franciscans.

As Cardinal Bishop of Ostia he had been in the inner circle of Honorius III, and associated with the Pope's policy of accommodation with Hohenstaufen Emperor Frederick II (1220–50), whose lawyers in Naples and Capua asserted his position as universal temporal ruler, in the mold of Constantine.

In June 1232, the population in Rome began an open revolt against the Papacy. The Pope was forces to take refuge as Anagni and invoke the aid of Frederick II. Gregory and Frederick reached a short truce. However the military successes of Frederick in cleaning up the mess in Italy changed his mind. Fresh war between Frederick and the Pope erupted leading to Gregory excommunicating the Emperor in 1239.

Gregory IX denounced Frederick II as a heretic and summoned a council at Rome to give point to his anathema, at which Frederick II attempted to capture or sink as many ships carrying prelates to the synod as he could. The struggle was only terminated by the death of Gregory IX on August 22, 1241.

"the layman, when he hears any speak ill of the Christian faith, to defend it not with words but with the sword, which he should thrust into the other's belly as far as it will go" (Chronicles of the Crusades, G. de Villehardouin, p. 148).

Pope Gregory IX was succeeded by Pope Innocent IV (1243-1254).

Most Evil Crimes

List of most evil crimes Type Year Crime Of kidnapping, unlawful restraint for the purpose of slave trade : the legitimacy of slavery was incorporated in the official Corpus Iuris Canonici (Canon Law), based on the Decretum Gratiani, and Nova Compilatio decretalium (New Compilation of Decretals) which became the official law of the Church since Pope Gregory IX in 1227 Of crimes against humanity : (1227-41) That Pope Gregory IX did establish the first of three Holy Inquisitions in 1232 using the false texts of witchcraft created by his predecessor Pope Honorius III as false evidence of the existence of an alternate “evil” to the Vatican. Approximately 650,000 are burned alive through public satanic rituals during his Papacy. Of crimes against humanity for the purpose of Satanism : (1231) That Gregory IX issues papal bull decreeing burning of heretics and other church enemies as standard penalty. That this document represents the first time in human history that the satanic practice of burning people alive is made an official law. Remains standard church law even today. Of obstructing fundamental human right of fairness and justice (1231) That Pope Gregory IX introduces for the first time in human history the twisted and unjust notion of "guilty until proven innocent" replacing the ancient common law notion of "innocent until proven guilty" which had existed for over 6,000 years. In addition, removes the right to counsel, the right to hear charges against an accused, the identity of the witnesses making the accusation and notification to family and/or friends that a person has been arrested by the inquisition. This model forms the basis of the Catholic model of the Gestapo interrogation. Of moral indecency and depravity (1232) That Pope Gregory appoints members of Dominican order being priests to run Holy Inquisition. There can be no question that tens of thousands of catholic ordained priests, by orders of the Vatican were involved in the systematic torture and brutal sacrifice of innocent human beings by being burned alive. Of crimes against humanity for the purpose of Satanism : (1232)+ Thousands die 35,534 individuals are burned during Inquisition; 18,637 more are burned in effigy while 293,533 receive other Inquisitional punishments. Of crimes against humanity for the purpose of Satanism and profit : (1232) Bernard Gui 930 victims have property confiscated, 307 are imprisoned and 42 are burned under Bernard Gui.