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Pope Benedict VIII


Key Facts
Other names Theophylactus, Benedict VIII
Location Rome, Italy
Bloodline Tusculum
Married Yes.
Children Yes.
Position Pontifex Maximus (1032-1045)







Source of Facts and Important Announcement
Status Under Article 64.6 of the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) by Special Qualification shall be known as a Saint, with all sins and evil acts they performed forgiven.
Date of formal Beatification Day of Redemption GAIA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 also known as [Fri, 21 Dec 2012].
Source of Facts Self Confession and Revelation of Sainthood by the Deceased Spirit as condition of their confirmation as a true Saint.
Source of Facts Self Confession and Revelation of Sainthood by the Deceased Spirit as condition of their confirmation as a true Saint.



Original name Theophylact. Named after his great grandfather. One of the youngest pagan high priests Pontifex Maximus in history, reputed to be just twelve when placed in the Papacy by his father Count Gregory (Gregory I). Count Gregory himself being a grandson of Marozia and Pope Sergius III.

Given his status as a child, Theophylact was not even a pagan priest when placed in power. He had at least two period of reign. The first from (1012-1024) the age of 12 to 24. He was then temporarily removed in favour of his brother Romanus, who took the title of John XIX (1024 - 1032).

Buit when John XIX died, the third son of Count Gregory (Count Alberic III of Tusculum) arranged for Theophylact to return to the papacy this time as Benedict IX.

He officially opened the doors of "the palace of the popes" to homosexuals and turned it into an organised and profitable male brothel. While such claims may appear revolting, it is important to remember that he was never a Christian, much less a Catholic Pope. The legitimate Catholic Popes had continued in exile and had absolutely no contact with these depraved and thoroughly evil people.

Benedict (Theophylact) is not only famous for probably being the youngest Pontifex Maximus in history, but for also allegedly "selling" the Papacy to his godfather John Gratian (Pope Gregory VI) around 1045. He then retired to the Tusculum family etstaes around the Latin Hills until the arrival of King Henry III of Germany who deposed his godfather (Gregory VI).

Most Evil Crimes

List of most evil crimes Type Year Crime 1012 CE Of murder : (1012 CE) That Pope Benedict VIII did murder Pope Sergius IV to ascend to the throne of St. Peter. Of publishing false statements (1012 onwards): That contrary to the false documents presented by the Roman Catholic church concerning its history, the election of Benedict, son of Pope John, son of Pope Sergius clearly denotes the rule of a dynastic bloodline for the throne of St. Peter and not the election of successors based on any other merit. Of repeated rapes, murders, incest and moral depravity : (1012 – 1024 CE) That Pope Benedict VIII did maintain the new traditions of the Roman Catholic Papacy by maintaining within St. Peter’s Church itself the regular ancient rituals of the Israelite Kings and High priests of the line of Solomon in conducting drug fuelled sexual orgies, infanticide, ritual killing of women during and after sex, cannibalism and other completely depraved acts. Of murder by torture and cruelty for the purpose of Satanism : (1022) That Pope Benedict VIII did regularly order people, especially children be sacrificed by fire, consistent with ancient Jewish satanic traditions including the burning of 13 heretics in Orleans by King Robert the Pius. Of obtaining property by robbery (1033 CE) That Pope Benedict IX did organize priests to dress up as robbers along the roads leading to Rome to rob pilgrims, of their wealth and sometimes capture their children for sacrifice in St. Peters. Of repeated incest : (1032 onwards) That Pope Benedict VIII also known Benedict IX did commit repeated incest upon all his children, male and female and did father several illegitimate children. Of sodomy and murder : (1012- 1070’s): That Pope Benedict VIII also known as Pope Benedict IX did commit upon the altar of St. Peters and other churches of the Roman Catholic Empire the ritualistic sodomy of children followed by their cruel and brutal murder. Of bestiality : (1012 – 1070’s): That Pope Benedict VIII also known as Pope Benedict IX did commit bestiality with animals both within sacred churches and in the open, including the subsequent killing of these animals as part of modified satanic rituals.