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The Venetian Satanic Cult

venetian satanic cult

Key Facts
Other names Holy Spirit (Fire)
Year of origin 1217
Founder Pope Innocent III (1198-1216)
Headquarters Vatican Catacombs , Rome
Head of Organization Grand Inquisitor
Current Leader  
Members Less than 2000





The Venetian Satanic Cult was founded by AntiPope Innocent III around 1198 during his reign as AntiPope and head of the Roman Cult.

Unlike previous members of the Roman Cult, AntiPope Innocent did not worship Magna Mater (Cybele) and the ancient demon gods of the Vatican. Instead, Innocent introduced a whole new religion based on the most ancient and escoteric knowledge of the Sadducee High Priests who ruled such temples as Baalbek and Jerusalem over 1,800 years prior.

Instead of worshipping Cybele, members of the Venetian Satanic Cult worship Moloch and the demons of the underworld.

The son of Innocent III, AntiPope Honorius III was instrumental in introducing a completely new liturgy through his Grand Grimoire- the first genuine book of Witchcraft of Western Philosophy. In fact Honorius is the father of Withcraft, modern Wicca and the Inquisition.

Before the liturgy of Honorius and the inventionof the Inquisition, Europeans had largely never heard of witches, witchcraft or any of the "foreign" concepts of damning people's souls. The Inquisition was brilliantly designed to "educate" people on the black arts, demons, pentagrams and other symbols while claiming to be searching for witches.


From 360 to 532, the Sarmatian state of Palestine grew in such power and wealth, that is covered the lands formerly occupied by the ancient Jewish Kingdoms and its leaders proclaimed themselves the Kings of Israel.

Since the death of Baba Rabba in the 4th Century, the various Jewish noble family states such as the Himyarites (Yemen), Nabatea (Arabia) and Sarmara had grown in influence that greater Sarmara had become one of the wealthiest states in ancient history -- home to now hundreds of thousands of people.

As ancient practising satanists, worshipping Ba'al Moloch, the Sarmatian religion had also thrived across the region, including the now firm inclusion of the new doctrines adopted under Bar Rabba such as the wearing of the Kippa and the daily devotion facing Mt Gerezim.

However their most disturbing historic innovation was the public burning of "heretics" -- innocent non Sarmatian Jews who refused to convert and worship demons. Hundreds of thousands were murdered in this barbaric way. When Justinian was proclaimed Emperor in 527, one of the first acts he undertook was to proclaim the satanic religion of the Sarmatians (worshipping Ba'al Moloch) a capital crime and punishable by death. It is this act, above all others that caused the Sarmatian uprisings across the Levant under King-High Priest Julianus ben Sabar.

The Sarmatian state and their culture was finally destroyed by Emperor Justinian I by 531/532, the temple at Mt Gerezim finally destroyed for the last time. By the end of the brutal campaign by Justinian, under Imperial law, no Sarmatians of noble or priestly birth remained in their homeland, with a rump of a few thousand remaining. Sarmatians as an "official" religion and visible culture was effectively extinct.

Samaritans fled West across the Mediterranean to escape the Eastern power of the Holy Roman Empire, the most notable being the surviving High Priest bloodlines to the marshes at the mouth of the Po and Piave rivers at the top of the Adriatic and another colony of refugees that landed on the coast of the southern Aremorica along the Morbihan Bay in Gaul (Spain). Another notable group of refugees fled north and inland into the Caucus mountains, later to become known as the Khazars.

Whilst isolated, the Sarmatian refugees --no longer able to call themselves Sarmatians under the capital Roman crime--demonstrated remarkable cohesiveness. They renamed themselves the Enetoi -- Greek for "praisworthy/chosen" --soon becoming famous as traders and scholars.

Their colony in the north Adriatic was named after the renamed Sarmatians as Enetoi (Latin: Veneti), becoming one of the most famous cities in history --Venice.

The "Pietro" Tyrant Sarmatian Priests of Venice

The geographic nature of Venice turned out to be ideal for the Sarmatian exiles who re-established themselves as Doges of their new trading city. The very worst satanic high priests were the Pierleoni (Pietro's) who ruled with an iron fist from the 8th Century until Pietro II Orseolo (1009-1026) was finally ejected at the beginning of the 11th Century while the Doge was fighting the Ottomons.

He was defeated in battle and forced to withdraw, but with his city strongly defended and the Ottomans in pursuit, he was unable to lay siege to Venice to regain control.

Instead, the remaining ships of the Venetian fleet landed near Trieste and Pietro II Orseolo and his marines moved eastward until they encountered the forces of Stephen of Hungary. The "Jewish" Venetian marines defeated the Christian Hungarians and Pietro II Orseolo became King of Hungary by 1028. He reigned as ruthless tyrant until his death in 1041. He was succeeded by his son King Pietro III Urseolo of Hungary (1041- 1047).

In 1047 King Pietro III Urseolo of Hungary was exiled with his family from Hungary and sought refuge in Rome. During the upheavel between the AntiPopes and the true Catholic Popes, the son of Pietro III Urseolo whose name was Pietro Leoni (1059-1124) (hence Pierleoni) proclaimed himself "Christian" in order to join the Roman Cult. However, it is certain that this Sarmatian high priest and one of the world's richest men in history remained a dedicated follower of Ba'al Moloch.

In 1119, this Sarmatian Jewish High priest seized the AntiPapacy proclaiming himself Callixtus II (1119-1124) and the first Jewish Sadducee Pope in history. To hide this fact, later Vatican chroniclers switched his details with one of the legitimate Catholic Popes to claim his birth in Burgundy.

Callixtus was succeeded by his son Honorius II (1124-1130) and then his grandson Innocent II (1130-1143). Again, the entire history of the Sadducee (Samaritan) Jewish Popes has been written out of history, in spite of their legacy (burning people, pentagram worship and the eucharist) are all elements they introduced as false doctrines.

The Inquisition and legal human sacrifice

While it is claimed Pope Lucius III was the first to establish the Inquisition through papal bull Ad Abolendam, as the legal and moral framework for human sacrifice and barbaric torture of innocent people, it was descendent of the Jewish Sadducee Popes AntiPope Innocent III (1198-1216) who put it into full effect. The key elements being: The Laws of the Church, The Inquisitor, The Accused, The Act (or Offence), The Tribunal and The Witness.

The Inquisitor, strictly speaking, was a special but permanent judge, acting in the name of the Pope and clothed by him with the right and the duty to deal legally with offences against the Faith adhering to the canon laws of the Church. Thus, within the spectrum of enforcing Church Law, the Inquisitor had (and still has) the legal power over life or death of the accused.

Next, the Accused was to be summonsed to appear before the Inquisitor. The Accused does not actually have to be charged with any crime of heresy at this point -- once their name is written down on a piece of paper and the individual acknowledged themselves to be that person, they ceased legally being a person and instead became both a legal personality and property. Just the simple act of acknowledging themselves to be who they are in front of the Inquisitor was enough for him to legally have complete control over their destiny.

Charges could then be drafted later, if required. But more often than not, the person would be tortured until some kind of confession of some crime was obtained -- in later centuries most notably the ficticious tales of witches and magic- promoted by the church and then used to snare innocent people of intelligence.

The height of power of the Venetian Satanic Cult

The Venetian Satanic Cult reached the height of its power less than 80 years ago during World War II when they put into effect under AntiPope Pius XII the greatest sacrifice of innocent people to Moloch in history-- over 18 million people murdered in ovens both in the Soviet Union and Poland.

In fact, the key sacrifice camps in Poland were deliberately positioned so they formed the largest Pentagram of Evil in history.

Important Announcement Concerning Redemption and Fulfillment
Whilst the present heads of the Catholic Church have demonstrated over 900 years of contempt towards the Divine Creator, under the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) the entire officials including Cardinals, Bishops, Deacons and Ordinaries are granted Divine Redemption including the Sainthood of all Popes , including the Church having the power to ratify the Divine Treaty of Lucifer and the end of Hell and Damnation forever if all evil behaviour is ceased, all sins admitted and all property surrendered by the Day of Divine Judgment on VENUS E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 also known as Wed, 21 Dec 2011.