image 72 Demons



Key Facts
Other names Deus Motor omnium (The God who stirs all men);
Hebrew Script ( Samech Alef Lamed ) - SaALa
Name Meaning
Influence (time & dates) 14:41 - 15:00 30th October until the 4th November inclusively
Special Days
Circle Position
Negative Attributes The negative side of this angel rules over the atmosphere; he incites great heat or cold, great aridity or excessive humidity.




Sealiah - To confound the wicked and the proud, to exalt the humiliated and the fallen. Governs vegetation. Loves learning, much aptitude.

SEALIAH. His attribute is Mover of All Things . He corresponds to the holy divine name of Hobo in the language of the people of Quito. His ray commences from the 221st degree up to the 225th degree inclusive, corresponding to the twenty third decade and to the angel called Sesme, under the influence of the Sun. He rules over the following days: 3rd May, 14th July, 24th September, 5th December, 15th February. The invocation is done from 2:40pm till 3:00pm.

He serves to confound the evil and the haughty; he lifts up all those who are humiliated and fallen. This angel rules over vegetation; he bears life and health in all that breathe and influences the principal agents of Nature. The person born under this influence will love to learn; he will have many resources and facilities.