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One-Evil.Org is the first and only site to systematically chronicle the history of evil, the connections between various bloodlines of evil, the nature and practice of evil rituals and associated influences throughout the social history of human civilization.

The purpose of One-Evil is to begin to comprehend and then understand the nature of evil; from where does it come? who or what is behind it? how does it relate to the history and formation of various religions? is there some underlying motive for the greatest evil acts in history?

In no way does this site seek to promote evil, nor make any kind of apology or deliberate misrepresentation of evil. Nor is there any deliberate focus on one group, one civilization and/or philosophy of itself as being evil.

Respect of Catholicism, Christianity, Islam and other great religions

The research presented on One-Evil.Org is done with the greatest respect to all believers of religion, especially Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Jews and other religions.

Claims that this website is "anti-Catholic" are false. Such claims may be based on various references exposing the historic evil activities of a very small minority at the highest hierarchy of the Apostolic and Universal Church. Such a minority has never represented the broader comprehensions of the majority of Christians or Catholics. For this reason, they are referenced within the pages of the site as the Roman Cult, to distinguish them from the Universal (Catholic) Ecclesia and to emphasize the fact that their power officially ended on March 14th 2013, even if there remain those that refuse to yield to history or prophecy.

That in a moment of history, a member of this Death Cult may have falsely claimed to represent Catholics, while undertaking acts of extreme evil in no way reflects on ordinary Catholics, nor their fundamental beliefs in moral decency, peace and respect.

The reputation and good behaviour of hundreds of millions of good Catholics in no way is questioned by highlighting the deliberate actions of a few thousand dedicated Satanists, Baalists and Luciferians who have caused world wars and sacrificed millions to demon gods.

If anything, the research and facts presented on this site call into question those who would dedicate their efforts into suppressing such evidence, attacking such evidence and refusing to bear witness to the many acts of evil of history.

The greatest evil is conscious silence

Of all the thousands of years of events research and the hundreds of individuals investigated, the greatest evil yet discovered is not those acts undertaken by mass murderers and satanic religious leaders, it is those individuals who consciously and willingly hide such evidence from their fellow public.

To this end, the most evil single group in human history are without question the tens of thousands of individuals who claim themselves to be "journalists" and "media commentators" who pledge their service to censor, manipulate and sometimes manufacture the news.

It is because of their collective silence that the greatest atrocities such as the murder of over 18 million people through being burnt alive in ovens in Russia and Poland by Catholic Dictators were allowed to happen with key facts still hidden today.

It is because of the collective silence and cowardice of many "mainstream" journalists that the truth concerning the people responsible for the latest global recession in Rome and Zurich are never discussed.

It is because of their collective silence that the memory of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini is honored every day through actual international treaties still in force between the Vatican, Germany and Italy that have reaped billions in blood money to the Roman Cult.

While many people believe Judas Iscariot to be one of the most evil people in history receiving "thirty pieces of silver" for betraying his saviour, he only did this once. In contrast the AntiPopes of Rome have repeated a far worse betrayal of the trust of the world in demanding blood money from the deeds of mass murderers every year for over seventy years and not one single mainstream media outlet has shown the spine to print or present a story about it.

The deliberate silence of truth through the false system of citation

A twelve hundred year old fraud such as the Donation of Constantine is still a forgery, even if it is extremely old. Yet under most modern systems accepted as the basis of "Empirical Truth" the age of documents often takes precedence over their reliability.

This is the deliberate perversion of almost every modern system of citation used to record claimed primary sources of "evidence" used to base each claimed thesis and opinion. The absence of citations is also assumed to imply an absence of "hard evidence" -- so much so that demands for citations and references has become a favorite weapon used to try and defeat new ideas and arguments, regardless of their individual merit.

Before this bizarre 19th century system came into being and accepted wholly as the only method for determining "truth", the presentation of truth relied upon the logical strength of its arguments and coherence in common sense and motive.

Before the concept of truth was largely "outlawed" by the Roman Cult from the 13th Century, such strength and faith in argument and story can be found in the works of the great Greek philosophers and thinkers.
In contrast, the perverted citation system has become the refuge of academic assassins and truth trolls who use the system to concoct ridiculous and illogical arguments that nonetheless are accepted as "truth" because they are reliably referenced.

The research on this site therefore refuses to adhere to this false and deficient system when presenting truth--instead truth is presented in the comprehensiveness of arguments, connections between events, people, places and times.

The question of whether a statement on One-Evil.Org is true or false should be tested by its consistency with other claims presented, the test of logic and common sense. A deliberate absence of citations does not in itself imply a claim is not true. Therefore, beware those apologists who would claim "nothing" on this site is true because it does not pledge service to ancient forgeries and false systems.